University of Tennessee Classes

UTiconOrangeThis year, I will be teaching two classes:  Business (r)Evolution 2026 and Social Media Marketing Management for the University of Tennessee online program.


Business (r)Evolution 2027 looks ahead over the next 10 years to likely (AR, VR, 3D, increased collaboration, social media ubiquity, wearables, hearables) and unlikely developments and what these changes will mean for business, education, and society. We’ll emphasize ways to prepare yourself and your business for the evolving economy.

Social Media Marketing Management will enable you to improve your marketing as you learn to listen, engage, measure, leverage communities, and develop advocates, strategies, and tactics that can help your business grow. This course is based on the most popular B2B and B2C social networks, social tools, best practices, and social analytics for starting or growing a social marketing program.

Class Materials will link from here during the sessions.

Social Media Management – February, 2017 (Password Protected)

Business (r)Evolution 2027 – January, 2017 (Password Protected)

January-February 2016 – Social Media Management (Password Protected)

October – November, 2015 – Business (r)Evolution 2025  (Password protected)

October, 2015 – Social Media Management (Password protected)



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