It’s been about a year since my last blog. I feel I owe you an explanation, especially since I suggest that many of you blog. First, I do write. This year, as Research Director for IDC, much of the analysis I write now sits where corporate subscribers can get to it. Of course, I also get quoted in likes of WIRED and Computerworld.

Blogging gets your words out and creates a reflection of your thought processes. Not only is it helpful to build your personal brand, writing helps you think through important topics.

Social media, how you promote your content, has become more segmented. Today there are more messaging apps as well as Twitter, Facebook and the improved LinkedIn – all vying for attention. For showcasing your thought leadership, sharing with LinkedIn long-form posts is a good bet. Yet others find significant traction on Facebook. (Of course, they are not sharing a lot of personal content, unless it’s part of their personal brand). See where you gain your traction. Oh yes, remember to keep creating images for your good words.

The world continues to change quickly, as does how we communicate and collaborate. Feel free to share your observations with me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. And have a great New Year!

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