The world is awaiting for you in 2023. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Time has been compressed or expanded, based on the day or week, in part due to our reactions to Covid changes at any given part of our lives. As we start to normalize time, or think we are, there are changes we adopt to advance in a more digital world. The response to the pandemic helped kickstart a new generation of communication and collaboration technologies and the desire and ability for more people to adopt them.

People are social. Technologies help us be social at scale, but with one challenge – authenticity and humanity does not scale in the enterprise sense of the word. However, enterprises can descale to personalized, authentic interactions. Enterprises can descale to build fans and communities – and not customers. They buying cycle is acrawl with advocates and detractors. That funnel thing is a pretty metaphor, but is no longer accurate in describing a sales organism, alive with the pros and cons of your customer experience and employee experience. Sales is no longer a funnel but an organism. No question, AI will play a role in this – and fail before it succeeds.

And this is how we enter 2023 – both more together and separated at the same time. Social selling will be on the increase, but not how you think: Emphasis will be turning to communities, engagements and social teaming. Education in real-time will be on the table. In short, Happy New Year and buckle up. A lot is about to change, and some of this can be fun.

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