I recently have the privledge of presenting this at SMBNH (Social Media Breakfast New Hampshire) on behalf of the not-for-profit Destination ImagiNation, Inc.

Destination ImagiNation is an unconventional problem solving process and tournament for students of all ages. It gives students an extraordinary experience in teamwork, creativity and innovative problem solving. Our audience are principals, teachers, and highly involved parents who are wondering how to rejuvenate the traditional educational experience of children to truly prepare them for the 21st century world.

When Destination ImagiNation had 10,000 student participants and some 20,000 followers at Global Finals, they used social media to reach out to those on Twitter and Facebook. The rules used to guide DI can also be used by other educational, non-profit and for profit businesses and organizations. And for the record, yes, I was/am @IDODI and shared that with Amber from @TricomPR – the event is too massive for one person.

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