There’s more than one way to watch the Super Bowl, the biggest game (and pig-out fest of the year). One is naturally the broadcast of the game.  The other is to watch the live time opinions of others in THE SOCIAL BOWL.

While this week’s MediaBullseye column explains the how to watch the Super Social Bowl, there are many reasons for taking the effort. Sure it’s interesting to see what others think, but what can you learn about marketing from live-stream, uncensored thinking?

First, reaction to the spot. While positive nor negative reaction directly correlates to sales and market share, NOT having your commercial being talked about is  awful.

Second, does the brand get a mention in the discussion? Are they referring to the Baby spot or the ETrade Baby? The difference is the brand mention which does equate to mindshare. Mindshare is the begining of consideration of a product or service.

Advertising, more and more is the process of subverting reason to have you purchase a product. When this crosses into the world of social media, it is measure of peer-to-peer recommendations that takes over. And nothing is more powerful than your recommendation to the people who trust you.

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