As an Android user, I have looked longingly at the Apple commercials featuring Siri. With big puppy-dog eyes, I have been waiting for the day I could speak to my phone and it would respond. Nice to meet you, Robin.

This past weekend, the eternal optimist in me tried Robin, the Android-based voice system from California-based Magnifis. While it only has a bit over 10,000 downloads, I am raise-my-eyebrows and wipe that frown off my face impressed. I realized how good Robin was when my iPhone-using friends wanted the same functionality. (Sorry 😉

–          “What’s the traffic like?” I asked.
It showed the accident on the nearby interstate and read me the details.

–          “What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?”
Robin told me the forecast, highs and low temperatures and displayed the three day forecast. I don’t know the source of the forecast, but it was there. Pass and impressed.

–          “What is the weather forecast for Anchorage, Alaska?”
Rainy for Anchorage. Nice.

–          “Where can I go for coffee?”
It read the closest location from Yelp listings. When I waved my hand over the top-front of the screen (which activates Robin to listening mode without touching the phone), I asked for – and got the next closest option. It sadly missed my local Dunkin Donuts.

–          “Navigate to South Station Boston”.
Not too good on this one. It did better with the address, but in fairness, that is pretty local information.

–          “Remind me to call my Dad at 9 PM”.
It set the reminder, and it worked.

–          “Set an alarm for 9:01 PM”.
It may be a short call, but it set an alarm with my default alarm.

–          “Open Spotify”.
It opened all my music options and I could select a default. Win, Win, Win.

–          “What is the traffic like in Boston?”
I didn’t know there was a Boston, Virginia somewhere near route 522. Fail.
“What is the traffic like in Boston, Massachusetts?”
There we go. Much better.

Forgive me, but I had to ask…

“How’s your sister, Siri?”

Answer: “Siri and I, we go way back.”

I’ve asked for words of wisdom and jokes (“I’m not the smartest elevator in the sea…”) and overall, am ecstatic with Robin.
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