We are now multi-screen buyers and decision makers. ” 90% of our media consumption occurs in front of a screen”, according to research presented at a Google developer conference, and posted on the Think With Google site. First and foremost, we now live in a mutli-screen world and the time to pay attention is now, because customer behaviors are/have changed.

Key buying decisions also are made with the nearest device, and most often that is our mobile device. This changes the way companies have to do business, and it means making sure that your web site is mobile friendly.

  • 90% Of Media Consumption Is Screen Based
    In short, between television, smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets, screens are where we get most of our information.
  • While computers keep us productive, Smartphones keep us connected.
    38% of all media interactions now occur on smart phones, and only 60% of these interactions occur at home.
  • “Multi-screening” has two main modes: sequential usage where users move from one device to another to solve a task within the same day. This makes up 90% of multi-screening.

    The other mode, simultaneous usage can be with a related or unrelated activity. For example, price shopping your competitors while viewing your features. User experience and speed-to-content is everything.

  •  The driving factor in multi-screening is to accomplish a goal – and 67% of us start shopping on one device and move to another device.

In short, more people use multiple devices more often, and do so every day. Searching for something has always been about speed, and that means usability. And most important, your site must be mobile ready. HTML5 with responsive content (where your content, look and feel with auto-size to the device being used) is the best solution.

What arguments can you make NOT to move to mobile?



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