Courtesy: Frost & Sullivan

Courtesy: Frost & Sullivan

Pac-Man munched power pellets in the same way Americans now munch mobile data bandwidth. A new study from Frost & Sullivan says the average mobile user is now up to 2GB data usage a month. ┬áThat’s roughly 75 mobile web pages per day or roughly 1.5 hours of daily music streaming (according to the Verizon Wireless data calculator) – and is expected to double in two years. Clearly, failing to prioritize a mobile strategy could make you a fond memory, like an old video game.

It all still comes down to location, location, location – but not the way it used it be. 74% of mobile device users now knowingly use some location based service (LBS) according to Pew Research Center’sInternet Project. They are seeing notable growth in the number of people adding location to their social posts (now at 30%). There has even been an increase in check in services, long stuck at 4%, is now 14%.

This has not gone unnoticed as real-time “deals” will be able to be delivered to you when you are in the at the right place, when the vendors needs it most. Walk by a store when they’re slow – and get an offer. Navigate home, and based on your projected arrival time, get an offer for takeout. Google Glass and wearable tech – all just delivery devices.

And based on mobile usage, the public has opted in.

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