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If piloting businesses through the internet years was not enough, the big single takeaway from SXSW interactive, the world’s largest disruptive technology conference, is that the changes are not over. The same way that it took over 100 years for the agricultural and industrial economies to develop, we have both technological and societal challenges to navigate.

The driver to the change, according to Brian Solis, principal of the Altimeter Group, is “connected consumerism”. “Business is changing not just because of technology, but because of the impact it’s having on customer behavior … and what that means to decision making, loyalty and marketing”. [Watch the full interview]. B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) labels are melting away in favor of human to human (H2H) and shared interest-based engagements.

Wearable tech, location intelligence, big data, consumer manufacturing and security is where these trends are most notable.


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