20160913friendonacup_smThe best part of waking up is having a coffee buddy to share the first cup of the day with. We are not far from being able to have a customized buddy right on your coffee cup. The technology and likely the information about you needed to personalize your new buddy is already available.

Take my ice coffee for example. (Don’t you dare take it). If I use Instagram filters on it (shown in the image), I have a close-to-living face. It’s animated and it’s fun. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the cup interacted in a life-like way that could sustain a conversation? Okay – creepy-cool, but it is likely in our future.

Let’s break it down: Your mobile device knows your exact location and you can opt to share it. If you use the coffee-buying app, your buying history, preferences and times of purchase are available.Deep-linking from other social networks can provide additional information you have already shared. This will allow your cup to add context to the content, and can even compensate for regional language preferences. (“Wicked Sick!”). Using machine learning intelligence, these can all be integrated to have a relevant conversation with you. For now, they can be animations viewed through your mobile device, but in the future, augmented or mixed reality glasses may make the phone optional.

If new marketing is focusing on how you feel when you interact with a brand, this could be a very personal game-changer.

20160913mynewfriendtounge_smIf the new marketing is focusing on how you feel when you interact with a brand, this could make it a very personal game-changer, when it can be done right, and not so creepy that it {fill the ensuring disaster here}.

GoogleSiriAlexa and Cortana, one can assume, can all integrate the needed technology to help give you a happy and friendly meal experience. But until we can fix spell check, I’ll sit here making faces with my coffee cup – and hope it doesn’t judge me.

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