I was cautious when I read a Web Analytics Association member prediction that web analytics companies, as we know them today will cease to exist. Another potentially free solution may have pushed us one more notch in that direction.

Yahoo has announced on their blog that acquisition of IndexTools is now Yahoo! Web Analytics

At first blush, the advantage of Yahoo! Web Analytics over Google Analytics is scenario solutions and real-time data. One of the driving forces is clearly the new Yahoo Pipes. But that’s under the cover stuff, but could lead to a lot of free and very smart custom solutions.

Clearly, those with storefronts on Yahoo! will get first crack at the benefits. That rollout will continue into 2009. Unclear are still if they will provide the server capacity to never loose a server call (my biggest complaint of free analytics tools) or be able to help measure engagement of social media.

And I don’t see the word ‘free’ anywhere either.

Stay tuned! It should be fun to watch!

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