SearchEngineLand today reported that “Google released a new keyword tool tonight, named the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool. This tool goes beyond what the other Google tools provide and tells you what keywords you are currently missing out on based on search query data from your site’s content”. Barry Schwartz posted some great details on their blog.

Overall, Google made it real simple to find out what search words you need versus which words you have – based on Google Searches. Google Trends helps to illustrate the rising or falling opportunities for a given word. The tool also allows you to search the terms that your competitors have. Will this drive up the prices for certain terms? I’m quite sure it will.

When I grow up I want a tool that gives people what they need, tell them how they’re doing, let them change what they’re doing to grow their business and spend wisely … and make money from it.

While you don’t need an AdWords account to use the tool. The site help says that if you are logged into to an AdWords account, “you view results directly customized to the websites you’re advertising through AdWords”.

The down side is how often the data is updated. According to the site, “the data provided in the Search-based Keyword Tool is updated every few weeks”. You could use Google Trends to better follow quick-moving trends, which could be helpful this holiday season. And this season, eTailers can use all the help they can get.

IMHO: It gives another tool, along with SpyFu and others to help make wiser ad spends. None of us want to see the prices for our best words go up, but this could create that problem. The creative use of the tool  would be to compare trends with your web analytics tools to prioritize content to meet emerging demands.

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