Here are some of the more interesting leads of the week coming from Twitter users:

> Print your blog. Yes, take it from the paper-saving Interwebs to paper. Just like they used to print news
on. Thanks to @danschawbel for the find.

> 6 Sources of Inspiration for Tech Bloggers by @corvida.
Thanks to @
fastcompany for the find.

> A collection of How to Sell Social Media to Cynics, Skeptics, & Luddites at
was shared by @perrybelcher. I almost want to write the counter story: How to Stay Cynical and
Skeptical in the presence of read data.

> A visual guide to reputation management is also a great resource for the cynics above.
@seomasterlist shared this at:

> Beginner Tips for Twitter. These are my favorite resources:

@Pistachio A great comprehensive Twitter Guide …

@ChrisBrogan “If I Started Today” – great insight! …

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