The lights, the music, the stars… It’s Broadway!

(c) 2008 Wayne Kurtzman and

(c) 2008 Wayne Kurtzman and

Some 16 Broadway plays are closing or have closed in the span of a few months. Observing Broadway’s sharp downward trend, I looked for a similar upward trend. I found that trend in the growth of social media.

“Hairspray”, “Young Frankenstein”, Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe’s horsing around in “Equss”, and even the coconuts of “Monty Python’s Spamalot” will all fall silent soon.

Meanwhile, web sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other “social sites” are growing at an unprecedented rate.

My “tongue-piercing-cheek” conclusion that social media is to blame must be correct: I have data to back it up.

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