If you every wonder why should go to PodCamp, I answered than in an earlier post. Now that the decision is made, here are a few things to make your life easier:

1. Bringing a notebook? Bring a power strip.
Most buildings were developed in the technological dark ages (more than 5 years ago). While we are in a fantastic facility, an extra power strip goes along way to making friends. In some cases, it’s better than bringing an extra juice box in elementary school.

2. This is an UNCONFERENCE learning experience. It is a collaborative learning environment – and you are encouraged to leave a session if you are not getting what you need from it.

Even the shyest people are generally sharing some of their expertise in their field by the middle of the first day. This is emerging media for all businesses and students – so everyone brings value to the discussions. These abilities  blend amazingly well. Podcamp just attracts  nice people, and in this case they are flying in from around the U.S. to be here in New Hampshire. Get ready to have some outstanding, intelligent and funny conversations!

3. Bring something to take notes with. If you’re relying on an audio or video recorder, there will be HOURS of content to review. You will either have to “slate” the recordings, marking the interesting parts or also use a more primitive tool – like a computer or (dare I say it?) a notepad.

4. Bring a Camera. Portsmouth, New Hampshire is just beautiful. It’s an old seaport with a great charm. See Amanda’s article on the PodCamp web site. Then share them on the Flickr group for PodCampNH2010.

IMG_63515. Tweet-action GO! A lot of people use Twitter, but not everyone. It’s a great place to learn what Twitter and other tools are all about: the good, the bad and the ugly. (Besides, why make new mistakes when others are willing to share theirs?).

The hashtag for the event is #PCNH … meaning if you search #PCNH on Twitter, you will get all the latest updates – in real time.

6. Relax. Have fun, and have fun.

The organizing team for this event has been working since last year’s event to make sure this is amazing for you.

7. Not a party person? Go to the “after party” anyway. Trust me on this one, even if your preferred drink is Pepsi with lemon. The focus frequently stays on the conversations and learning which frequently continues into the night. And enjoy.

See ya there!

Photo Credit: @KevinMic (cc license)

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