The beauty of the SxSW Conference is not only are you exposed to emerging trends in how content will be shared, used and interacted with, but it’s with the people who will make it happen. This place is rocking with new ways to use location based services (LBS), Augmented Reality, emerging web standards of HTML5 which make video and other media easier to share, new announcements, including by thought leadership non-profit TED and a refrigerator that uses Twitter.

A growing discussion is (finally) getting to content and how we manage it.

“[Content] curation is important,” according to Jeremiah Owyang, a Partner focused on customer strategy at Altimeter Group. “We began with this idea that there was something called mass media,” according to Steve Rosenbaum, CEO of and author of Curation Nation. “Can we build something so big that it reaches everybody … and what’s I’m seeing is the answer is simply ‘no.’ In fact, it doesn’t scale… [content] works because its niche.” [More information on this conversation from the Samsung Blogger Lounge web site.]

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