Thanks to Leslie (@geechee_girl) of Uptown Uncorked who did so much to make the first Social Media Breakfast New Hampshire (SMBNH) event so massively successful! With some fresh snow on the ground, we had a beautiful day to hold the event at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and an amazing group. Thanks as well to DimDim who captured this on video as well as streamed it live.

First up was Jen Zingsheim, Vice President, Products and Services for Custom ScoopWayne Kurtzman, Senior Marketing Analyst for Hello Direct, who will be discussing going from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy and the strategies and struggles we face in the change in systems, and David Hurlburt, Executive Producer for WMUR News Channel 9 who will be discussing the hurdles faced as an old media company trying to incorporate a social media strategy and the effect it has had on the employees and work load.

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