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A database glitch (yes, let’s call it that) has wiped out several weeks of postings. I am in the process of restoring them, but here are some of my latest posts to hold you over!
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Thank you for your understanding!

The Revolution of Infinite Information

Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently was concerned that most people have not come to grips with the emerging information revolution. His concern is that many people haven’t thought how even simple day-to-day tasks are due for a disruptive change. [Read the details]

Augmented Reality: When Real Isn’t Enough

It’s new, it’s scary cool and it’s coming! I wait for the gasp during my social media presentations when I talk about augmented reality, or “AR.” You don’t know about AR? Simply put, AR is literally a new layer of reality provided by your mobile phone. [Read the details]

The Status Woe: Social Media to mCommerce

The side effects of not considering a social media program for your business may include dry mouth, sweating, indigestion and a loss of revenue from customers who use mobile devices. And mobile devices are one of the fastest areas for IT and Marketing spend for 2010. [Read the details]

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