Where were you when you heard that a team of Navy SEALs had killed Osama Bin Laden? Many answers include “on Facebook” or “on Twitter,” which proves a point I start every social media class with: The Internet is not just a medium, it is a place. The more you can grasp this concept, the more you can apply the benefits of being in this new place.

In fact, 1 of 4 people learned about the event on Facebook, and many more tuned to social media sources  to be updated in real-time from news sources as well as to share their opinions with their friends around town and around the world.

Much of the news media awoke to Twitter on January 15th, 2009 when @JKrums used the camera on his iPhone, shared a photo and tweeted “There’s a plane going down in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.” Since then, more and more people have decided to have the news follow them with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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