Almost 30% of senior marketing executives involved in social media make monitoring social channels actionable by incorporating it into their social strategy. This finding is part of a study performed by  WebLiquid and RSW/US and highlighted on

What is surprising is the listening is NOT part of a strategy that closes the loop with the customer/prospect. Also surprising is that the most used tool is Google Alerts.  I agree, they are super, but: LISTENING? UR DOIN IT WRONG.

In real-life, the best way to succeed at social media is, well, to be social. For example, if someone says something good about you,and all you do is to put a check mark next to “good” on a piece of paper, don’t expect that customer to be your customer for very long.

I have stopped shopping, as have many of my friends for prolonged periods of times with companies who do not respond to us on Twitter of Facebook. When listening is integrated with customer service and customer relationship management tools, the power of The Customer Advocate becomes an even greater for everyone involved.

Companies, especially larger companies in the study are most likely to use paid tools solutions for social media.”Among the paid tools, a vast set of options  exist,  but  respondents  to  our  survey  reported  their use of Radian6, Meltwater Buzz and Neilsen Buzzmetrics most frequently… .”

“Our  data  shows  that  those  who  do  pay  for  SMM  tools  are twice as likely to consider them extremely valuable and in fact very  few  marketing  executives  find  little  to  no  value  in  the SMM regardless of their level of sophistication.”

No doubt, they’ve seen the numbers: It’s better to embrace and engage than just count the comments.

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