sxsw13d3sun__279Two months after SXSW, there are several technologies that I am excited about – and interested to see how behaviors will change to adopt them (or not). Of real interest is how the world will deal with the financial implications of these game-changers. Any one of these can change the way you you do things, shop or purchase.

And huge 4-story cats in windows has nothing to do with them.

3D Printing. Not only does everyone have a printing press (social media) but we’re all about to sxsw13d2sat__167have manufacturing plants with low-priced 3D printers. You’ve heard and maybe you’ve seen one, but the implications of printing the parts you need at home is truly staggering. Today its a one material printing, but the future may be different, as it usually is.

To the side is a $79 pen that draws physical items in three dimensions that you can play with or use right away. What is the implication of children (or adults) being able to draw needed parts – or their own toys – and recycle them to create others?

Augmented RealityAugmented Reality, or AR, is using a mobile device to see a real-time layer of information. Yelp!, Wikitude and many other mobile apps allow real-time reviews and real-time learning content. This is about to explode in the educational and games market. What if books, say about butterflies had a way of interacting with your iPad or Android device to see each butterfly from every angle – and even play with it. How much more could you learn? (See image to the left)

Ambient Location is like AR on steroids. It’s where technology and its copious menus get out of the way and provide you with real-time,relevant information. For example, someone you know is walking down the street and you instantly see how you are connected to that person. But that’s where it starts. Google Glass may be the start of looking at an object and getting reliable information about that object. It is real-time learning and interaction. In today’s model, mobile devices could power this, but add 5-10 years and glasses and interaction with other devices (even clothing by Nike and products by Samsung) become wired into AL apps.

sxsw13d2sat__171And if that doesn’t change everything, how about displays that are paper-thin and bend. To the left is a working display projected, and yes – it is as good in person. All media gets even more portable.

While we are on the way to these great things, the improved location intelligence of our phones open a myriad of shopping possibilities that become more and more real time.

Now start combining these powerful technologies in new and innovative ways and they change shopping, business, entertainment and underscore that we are heading to a technologically collaborative economy where the world will continue to change in fun and amazing ways that we haven’t even considered.




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