PodCamp Boston 5 – the fifth year of the Chris Penn and Chris Brogan idea in collaborative learning. As the PodCamp Boston site says:

“PodCamp is an unconference where newbies and advanced content makers alike come to learn more about and share their knowledge of podcasting, blogging, video blogging, social media and more.”

When it first started, nobody heard of podcasting. Today, podcasting is mainstream – and the conference… or unconference now covers anything new media.

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Resources for my Measuring Social Media Session

Crowd-Sourced Ideas from This Presentation:

  • Important metrics – and what to watch trends in and correlate with each other:
    • Social Media
      • Share of conversations
      • Customer / Prospect Interactions
      • Engagements
      • Contextual Trends
      • Sentiment (with a grain of salt for now)
      • Identify Advocates
      • Educational Level
      • Intent (Where are they in the sales or donation cycle)
      • Facebook “Likes”; tweets; reach;
      • Watch when vendors change how they measure things.
    • Business Metrics
      • Sales / GM
      • Retention
      • Life Time Value
      • New Sales / Customers
      • Repeat Sales / Customers
      • Customer Retention Level
    • Support Metrics
      • Call Avoidance / Deflection
      • Close time
      • Specific Issues and Resolution (post these for increased deflection).
    • Web Metrics
      • All.

As always, look for correlations of confidence, not correlations of convenience.

Measurement Resources. Please feel free to add more in the comments!

The Social Media Counter by Gary Hayes

195 Social Measurement Tools

A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions

Infographic: Who is Using Which Social Media Sites

Twitter Photos will be posted later!

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