I recently had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on analytics for the next decade with Dr. Venkatraman’s social media class at the Suffolk University Sawyer Business School.

I would like to thank Sean Zinsmeister for inviting me to speak with the MBA candidates, Dr. Meera Venkatraman for her graciousness  and each member of the class for their insights on the emerging world of social media.  You are at a great place at a great time, and I hope you leverage your advantage.

My messages were short: Social media is not new: It’s storytelling at the speed of light; it’s the democratization of word of mouth and it needs to be measured differently than the legacy metrics that came from the newspaper industry. And finally, measure correlations of confidence from across the enterprise and not correlations of convenience from selected areas. Word of mouth and content without department silos can be used to a great advantage for an enterprise and customers at the same time.

Thank you all again for the privilege of including me with such great speakers as Mike Volpe, Marta Kagan , John Wall and Tamsen McMahon.

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