Recently I read the idea that there are only five business-to-business (or B2B) social media strategies being used by the Fortune 500 today. While there are roughly a gazillion social networks in the world, there are but five strategies. It is an idea worthy of praise – and a few ideas to help you make use of the concept.

The Mashable article by Jamie Turner of the 60 Second Marketer correctly points out that goal of each strategy is making profit. “After all, they’re not using social media just to be social. They’re using it to make money.” Turner stresses the importance of real measurements, but what is implied is the reality that you need to invest in tools, wisdom, training and analytics.

It is a great article, but truly needs some guideposts if you’re going to implement the concept and are fairly new to social media. I add the cautions, caveats, Capulets and Montagues in my MediaBullseye column. OK, just the cautions and the caveats.

Photo courtesy:  Chrisjl via creative commons license.

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